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This digital hub introduces the new book by Peter Fisk, plus new insights into the incredible brands and businesses - like Airbnb and Uber, Alibaba and Xiaomi - who are shaking up every market right now. In addition you'll find:

  • Live updates about the 100 Gamechanger brands, plus videos and new innovators added daily
  • Free downloads of all 16 action canvases in the Gamechangers Labs, plus new articles and reports
  • Online voting for the most disruptive innovators in your own region, in local Gamechangers awards
  • Share your own content with the community, by uploading your videos and presentations
  • New events around the world, including keynotes,  workshops and leadership development programs

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Featured Gamechangers


    Focusing on designing the very best apparel for serious runners and triathletes, Ashmei refuses to compromise. Combining the best fabric and production from around the globe, focusing on niche audiences who are prepared to pay more for their passion, outplays the mainstream brands.

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    Alibaba is a trading platform for the new world order, enabling a small business in remote China to deal directly with a large corporate, for any entrepreneur to access a global marketplace.

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    Vice Media

    Vice was launched in 1994 as a "punk zine" and has since expanded into a leading global youth media company with bureaus in over 30 countries. It includes the world’s premier original online video destination, a network of digital channels, a television production studio, a magazine, a record label, an in-house creative agency, a consumer insights team, and a book-publishing division.

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Be the Gamechanger ... the leader of innovation and future growth

Peter Fisk introduces the Gamechangers program for business leaders, an inspiring three day program for CEOs and top teams, to make sense of changing markets, explore the possibilities for growth and innovation, and develop an innovative strategy for the future of their business:

News from the Gamechangers

  • Space Makers … global internet, asteroid mining and life on Mars

    Space Makers … global internet, asteroid mining and life on Mars

    “Market Makers” create and shape markets in their own vision. They are not content to play the game of marginal gains – competing on small differences or price discounts, in mature and stagnant markets. They see the future world, they look for the new …

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  • The Business Innovation Program … from design thinking to new business models

    The Business Innovation Program … from design thinking to new business models

    Whilst the best ideas and innovations might seem to be the monopoly of digital start-ups, there is no reason why more established, and physical, businesses can’t be as successful. This is the premise behind a new business innovation program that I am c …

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