Developing 21st Century Leaders in the Middle East

February 4, 2014

Hatta, UAE

Driving east from Dubai for hours, there is nothing beyond the straight road but desert and an occasional herd of camels. Then we see mountains, some trees and water, like childhood stories of finding an oasis. This is Hatta, home for the next 5 days, and a desert retreat to build 21stcentury leaders. I developed The Inspired Leaders Program to challenge senior managers to rethink their role, attitudes and behaviours in a new world of incredible change, challenge and opportunity. What does it take, personally and collectively, to lead a winning business today?

Almansoori is a real innovator in the world of oil drilling, providing the fast and practical support to the big oil companies to extract oil in the most efficient, safe, and environmentally responsible way. Imagine the cost of a lost production, or clearing up a spill. Their value is huge. But like most in the region, they have technical and operational skills, but less developed as leaders. Where to go next? How to take people with us? How to manage increasing complexity? How to innovate new services? The program is based on my Inspired Leaders model.

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