FutureHealth … Beyond Pharmaceuticals to Positive Healthcare

April 2, 2014

A one hour drive south of Barcelona takes you to the coastal town of Sitges. A fantastic place to run for hours along the coastal paths in the springtime Spanish sunshine. I’m here to explore the future of wellbeing, and how pharma companies like Spain’s Almirall, can evolve their business into a new world. Whilst many drugs become global commodities, other become highly specialized innovations. China’s WuxiPharma can easily beat anybody on price, whilst focused research like at Genentech develop new blockbusters.

The real challenge is beyond pharma. Healthcare markets are changing dramatically. Growing and ageing populations, the cost of new solutions, the intelligent diagnostics and treatments, change who, how, when and why healthcare happens. At the same time, regulation abounds, discouraging real innovation in business models and market models. But the best companies are recognizing a new future – customer-centric (in particular, patient-centric), with new channels, and new experiences, focus on prevention more than cure, adjacent products and new types of services. For innovators, the future of healthcare is full of possibilities.

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