Branding of The Black Dog

August 18, 2014

Martha’s Vineyard, USA 

Cape Cod is a wonderful place for a summer holiday. A fantastic shoreline, miles of sandy beaches, sharks even whales swimming offshore, classic wooden beach houses, great seafood, and not too many people. And not one high rise building or chain hotel. Morning run along the sea road to Hyannisport, a lazy breakfast on the deck, shell collecting, lobster roll for lunch, afternoon on the beach, Scrod and chips for dinner, and a browse around an artist gallery. Fantastic.

Two brands caught my eye as we explored the colourful streets of Martha’s Vineyard, the small island that has become Obama’s favourite holiday spot too. The Black Dog is a small inn on the island that started printing t-shirts of the black dog logo that hangs above its door. Soon it became more popular for its merchandise, rather than its food and drink, having limit purchases to clientele. But then it got the message, and extended its range of clothing. And outlets. Now Black Dog clothing defines the Cape tourist. Power of an icon.

Another MV brand is Slip 77. With a youthful, nautical style, the two young designers search out the best fabrics and styles to create their collections. The people who love Slip 77 become advocates. What’s great is that nobody else has it. Great brands define who you are, your values and style. The power of a niche.

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