Advanced Creativity in the Middle East

April 15, 2015

Dubai hosts the World Expo 2020, and the UAE government has declared 2015 the year of creativity. Whilst the nation’s rapid wealth has come from oil and tourism, it knows it needs to move beyond this, to become a Singapore-like hub of knowledge, business and finance.

This is not just about ideas and innovation, but about thinking differently. In fact we will soon be launching a new Gamechangers competition to find the best innovators in the Middle East, innovation labs to drive action, and an online showcase of winners.

One of the most effective innovation tools is to “reframe” what you do. Working with the UAE’s financial services authority this week, we initially talked about rules and regulation of its two growing stock markets in Abu Dhabi and Dubai. However it was only when we started thinking about what stakeholders really wanted, from investors to government, that we saw the opportunity to innovate – to attract new investors, to build a more vibrant market, and to drive growth in the national economy.

Emirates, the airline, is a shining example of this, reframing from a regional airline built on Dubai as a destination, to the city as the global hub of international air travel. Not just an ambition, already a reality – growing from 40bn to 200bn RPKs (revenue passenger kms) in the last 10 years, and now twice the size of old market leaders like British Airways and Lufthansa. Incredible.

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