Fast innovation at Ferrari

September 17, 2015

Maranello, Italy

The home of Ferrari is certainly a place of extremes. The roar of over-tuned engines, and blur of de rigour red sports cars, seem at odds with the tranquil countryside. Enzo Ferrari always called his factory an innovation lab, always looking to push the boundaries. He described “extreme technology, beauty of design, and the emotion of driving” as the three enduring keys of the Ferrari brand.

With the cheapest model, the 458 Italia starting at $234,000, the sound of that perfectly roaring engine will still be the closest the majority of us will ever get to the Ferrari experience. Which is why brands like Ferrari are looking to innovate in new ways. The Brand Innovation Lab is all about innovation though the lens of the brand. The more the brand is about human aspirations, rather than product functionality, the more opportunity there is to innovate – both within and beyond the category, to enhance the customer experience, and to reach new audiences for profitable growth.

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