Agri drones to building drones, camera drones to delivery drones … ready for take off

February 5, 2016

Odense, Denmark’s third largest city, is perhaps best known as the home of Hans Christian Andersen. That’s all about to change as its focus on technology, and in particular drones, is about to create new fame across the world. From the Southern Denmark University, to the Robotics Institute, a vibrant start-up culture, and a 21st century urban redevelopment, Odense is become Drone Central.

How big is the drone market?

Drones have taken off in recent months … no longer restricted to military activities and intelligence gathering, they are now the must-have toys and essential photographic accessories … as well as delivery washing powder to your door, planting crops over hostile terrain, and repairing the tallest buildings.

Here are some recent 2015/16 statistics:

  • 700,000 drones shipped in 2015, 63% increase on previous year
  • $3.3bn estimated value of the drone market, rising to $90bn by 2025
  • 594 times drones spotted on flightpath of aircraft, and 28 reported incidents

Who are the drone innovators?

Companies as old and as successful as drone producer DJI might be content to rest on their laurels, but over the last decade, the Chinese company has continued to iterate on its consumer drones, consistently introducing genre-defining technology for a growing audience of professional and amateur users. In the last few months of 2015 alone, DJI released a new drone designed for agricultural needs; introduced a 4K-capable version of its best-selling Phantom drone; developed geofencing software that keeps users compliant with federal airspace regulations; opened a flagship store in Shenzhen, China; and released Osmo, the world’s most advanced ”selfie stick.” Competition is closing in from all sides, but few other companies offer devices or technology on par with DJI’s innovations. For now, there’s no toppling this world-class company.

The recent Most Innovative Companies 2016 report by Fast Company, ranked the most innovative drones companies in the world, topped by DJI and also including:

Last week, I took to the stage with Odense’s ground-breaking mayor, Anker Boye, to launch Odense as “the City of Gamechangers.” With an audience of around 1000 business leaders, entrepreneurs and students, the ambition to shape the future of drones is tangible. The municipality’s business development arm, Odense & Co, are launching an exciting new strategy to attract the world’s robotic and drone innovators to cluster around the city, and for other related disruptive technologies to join in too.

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