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March 18, 2017

Future Health is a big topic for me, and I work with many of the top healthcare companies in seeking to explore the future, to drive more patient-centric innovation, the shift to prevention and wellness and harnessing the incredible array of new technologies from DNA profiling to gene editing, patient communities and self-diagnostics and treatment.

The Institute for the Future, working with Vitality Institute have developed a fascinating map exploring the technological drivers of change, and opportunities for innovation and growth. Of course “connected healthcare” is much more than creating new apps, devices and platforms. It is about transforming industry models, empowering patients, and radically improving outcomes.

In the coming decades we have the opportunity to create a culture of health, transforming the art and science of health promotion and chronic disease prevention by strategically engaging with technology. The social and economic environment is ripe to put health at the center of human and economic vitality. And dynamic alliances of scientists, health professionals, entrepreneurs and neighborhoods are poised to lead the charge towards this culture of health.

The map includes:

  • Five future forces that will reshape how new solutions in health promotion and chronic disease prevention can emerge. They frame forecasts with how stakeholders across private and social sectors will align during the coming decades.
  • Ten forecasts that anticipate how health promotion and chronic disease prevention will become central to human and economic vitality.
  • Signals supporting each forecast with trends and technology advancements that show the future today.
  • Eight technology catalysts that have the potential to change how we interact with prevention and promotion in our daily lives and lay the groundwork for these interactive and immersive solutions.
  • Four key tensions we will need to navigate to ensure that human and economic vitality are accessible to all.
  • Five recommendations from the Vitality Institute’s Commission on Health Promotion and the Prevention of Chronic Disease in Working-Age Americans.

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