What is Virgin’s culture? … It’s built on “smart disruption” … to become the world’s most “irresistable” brand

February 28, 2018

Smart disruption is in Virgin’s DNA – from Branson’s early exploits with Student magazine to launching Virgin Records, Virgin Atlantic, and so many more businesses.

In fact Virgin’s purpose is “changing business for good”.

So what does that actually mean?

  • Thinking about the long-term impact of the business decisions that we make today.
  • Having a clearly articulated and measurable purpose in every Virgin business – so that it drives decisions and fuels success, resulting in a positive impact on our customers, people and communities, and the environment.
  • Embedding our purpose principles and values in all existing and new business investments.
  • Rising to challenges and pioneering systemic change beyond the Virgin Group, through Richard Branson’s profile as a global business leader and advocacy work.

It’s about being “delightfully surprising, red hot, straight up whilst maintaining an insatiable curiosity, giving a heartfelt service and creating smart disruption.”

Virgin Management Group is the company that sits at the core of the organisation, a family owned growth capital investor, with a globally recognised and respected brand.

The investment team focuses on our core consumer sectors of Travel & Leisure, Telecoms & Media, Music & Entertainment, Financial Services and Health & Wellness.  They aim to deliver long term capital appreciation through investment in these sectors. We actively seek new investment opportunities and to partner with like-minded investors.

They provide value to investments in three ways:

  1. Sector expertise and track record across our five core sectors
  2. Experience and understanding of consumer behaviour, brands and marketing
  3. Strong network of investors, management teams and alumni

Virgin Group is also an active technology-focused venture investor with a portfolio of over 35 companies spanning the consumer internet, fintech and sharing economy sectors.

You can read my full interview with Richard Branson here, about his secrets and passions, hopes and fears, childhood and lifestyle, businesses and charities – and his dreams to come.Branson is an inspiration to many, the champion of customers and hero of many business people. The Virgin founder is a maverick entrepreneur and hippy billionaire, adventurer and philanthropist. He is always looking for new ways to do more for people, and to create a better world.

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