Are you ready to lead the future? … The Global AMP from IE Business School is the ultimate program for business leaders, gamechangers and futuremakers

February 16, 2020

Are you ready to lead the future?

The Global Advanced Management Program (Global AMP) is IE Business School’s flagship program for executives stepping up to lead the future of business.

It’s for leaders who are stepping up to become the next CEO, or maybe to join the C-suite, to run a business unit, or getting ready to do so. It’s for leaders who seek to be re-inspired, re-energised ready for an incredible future – to drive business-wide transformation, to reimagine their industry, to change the way their entire business and market works.

It’s for ambitious leaders, game changers, future makers.

If you can see yourself leading your business into the future … if you can start to imagine a business of the future, beyond that currently imagined by your leaders and peers. … then this is for you.

If you are intensely curious, positively dissatisfied, and highly ambitious … and have the courage to take on the next step, not just for you, but for your business too … then this is for you.

Our goal is to create the world’s best program for leaders like you … making sense of today’s incredible, complex and fast-changing world … and how you can have the brains and boldness to create, shape and deliver the future in your own vision.

Each year we take on a small group of 20-25 leaders and work together to help you transform your future. In the last two years, we have brought together some fantastic participants from all over the world, and many different sectors, ready to step up and shape their business, to lead their futures. They have gone on to thrive in their own worlds, and are still part of the Global AMP community. You can join them.

This is why the Global AMP is different from other executive programs … and we believe, better:

Firstly we recognise that the value of being together for 4 weeks (2 weeks in July, 2 weeks in September) is partly about engaging with fantastic academic thinkers, but also being part of an amazing group of participants – people like you, with ideas and experiences for many different sectors, and all over the world.

Secondly we recognise that content has to be about today and tomorrow’s worlds, not the past. We’re interested in how PingAn transformed itself from finance to tech business, how Microsoft got back to being the world’s most valuable business, and why we should all be inspired by Anne Wojcicki.

And thirdly, we know that you want to walk away ready to make a difference. Yes your brain will ache with all the new content, your heart will beat with all the new lifelong friendships. But also, you will be ready. Ready to go back and step up, to challenge your business. That’s why the Gamechanger project over the 4 weeks, done with me personally, matters so much.

Here are three of the fantastic additional innovations this year:

Transforming your business, transforming your self

We’ve structured the four weeks into a practical yet exciting journey through the world of business –  starting from the future megatrends to today’s growth drivers, exploring a world of disruptive innovations and energising organisations. In the mornings we zig, we explore all the best new ideas business, what matters for business. In the afternoon we zag. We shift venue – to a more relaxed venue – to reflect on the personal leadership challenges. What does it mean for me, my business and our future?

Deep dives, visiting some of the world’s leading businesses

Markets change so fast, that the ideas and insights of the text books rarely keep pace with reality. For that reason, we get real – taking you on a deep dive into four of the world’s most interesting businesses, one day each week. We take you to the future of fashion, at Inditex’s innovative fast factory, to the future of banking, at BBVA’s innovation lab, to the future of manufacturing, with Airbus Industries, and the future of consumer goods, to an amazingly good vineyard!

Delivered by some of the world’s top business leaders and thinkers

We bring together the world’s most inspiring and thoughtful faculty. This year it includes

  • Jim Snabe, chairman of Siemens and Maersk, one of the world’s top leaders
  • Tendayi Viki, a psychologist-based innovator, partner of Strategyzer
  • Antonio Rodriguez Nieto, the world’s top project manager
  • Joost Minaar, half of Corporate Rebels, all about making work more fun
  • Bernard Marr, the world’s leading expert on big data, and more
  • Verónica Reyero, anthropologist of a more human future.

They add to the existing IE team that includes

  • Mark Esposito, leading futurist and AI pioneer
  • Terence Tse, expert on the future of finance and healthcare
  • Juan Carlos Pastor, leading on authentic leadership; media expert
  • Lola Martinez, media expert, on storytelling and presenting
  • Marcos Cajina, on the neuroscience of emotional engagement
  • Steven MacGregor, on executive fitness, and many more
  • and me!

Jim Snabe … one of the world’s top business leaders, on Dreams and Details:

Module 1: World Changing

Making sense of change, exploring megatrends and their implications for business, today and tomorrow, and making better choices for your future direction, are all essential to successful leadership. The rise of emerging markets, new technologies and next-generation audiences is accompanied by the increasing scarcity of resources, social fragmentation and climate change. The Fourth Industrial Revolution heralds a new era for business and society, from digitalization and automation to 3D printing, machine learning, artificial intelligence and robotics.

  • Rocket ships: How will you lead the future, shape it in your own vision, and take your business on an uncertain journey towards a better tomorrow?
  • Exponential technologies: Harnessing the potential of new capabilities, from digital and big data to biotech and nanotech as well as AI and robotics.
  • Resource scarcity: Changing sources of energy, the peak of rare metals, high-tech components, patented technologies, talent and creativity.
  • Human impacts: Rethinking work, education and employment, aging and healthcare, urbanization and belonging, wealth and happiness.
  • Future shaping: Making sense of change and making better choices. Harnessing the value drivers and using scenario planning to shape the future you want.

Mark Esposito … the Canadian futurist explores the future as it unfolds:


Module 2: Growth Engines

Markets are complex, competitive and dynamic. New markets emerge, and old markets decline, as new audiences, new aspirations and new possibilities drive new growth. Focusing on the best opportunities for growth becomes key to your future, and reimagining how your business can embrace them profitably. Digital markets have no limits, and allow even the smallest businesses to have a huge impact, while accelerating the convergence of sectors and businesses.– so what is your purpose, that will guide you through the future horizons of growth?

  • Growth markets: Exploring the changing the nature of markets. Creating new spaces based on new customers and solutions, driving your growth horizons.
  • Inspiring purpose: Finding your north star, why your business exists, and how putting purpose beyond profit, can transform your activities and success.
  • Customer futures: Understanding the changing aspirations and behaviours of customers, with deeper insight to understand and engage them better.
  • Platform markets: Harnessing the power of digital networks to create new market models that bring buyers and sellers together in new ways, creating new value.
  • Growth accelerators: Consumer data, digital network, and new business models enable you to accelerate every aspect of business, and your future growth.

Tendayi Viki … the psychologist innovator creates the invincible company:

Module 3: Innovative Business

Disruption is everywhere, whether it’s a start-up challenging established giants, new technologies replacing inefficient processes, simplicity outperforming complexity or customers challenging businesses to do better. The impact can be dramatic. Reputations can be made and destroyed in a matter of days, while veteran companies are wiped off the map. How can you turn the tables and become the disrupter by developing insights, ideas, innovative strategies and business models that can be delivered quickly and efficiently?

  • Faster innovation: Transforming ideas into new solutions, strategies into action, embracing disruptive change, to reimagine your future business.
  • Creative designs: Harnessing the power of creativity, fused with deep insight, to design better solutions – products and services, experiences and business.
  • Sustainable innovation: Innovating to solve the biggest social and environmental challenges, in a way that is good for the world, and more profitable too.
  • Business Models: Rethinking how organisations work to deliver innovative propositions, leveraging assets and partners to create new ways of working.
  • Invincible companies: Bringing together your innovation portfolio as a source of relentless progress and profitable growth for your business.

Antonio Nieto-Rodriguez  … the world’s top project manager on leading transformation:

Module 4: Energising Organisations

Organisations thrive on an inspiring purpose, aligned business model, innovation inside and outside, driving change and high performance. They constantly drive change and transformation, working through projects to create seize new opportunities. People are energised by a positive culture, harnessing the best talents of man and machine, with the agility to continually adapt and respond to changing markets, develop new capabilities and partnerships, and reach new heights. How can you transform, mobilise and energise your organization with a strategy to deliver the best performance today, and create an even better future?

  • Winning strategies: Defining the right direction and priorities, guided by an inspiring purpose, and harnessing the drivers of value.
  • Driving change: Making better, more strategic decisions every day, turning strategy into implementation, while using the right metrics and rewards, to drive transformation and performance.
  • Fast and agile: Shaping organisations and processes to be agile and efficient, leveraging strengths and addressing weaknesses both internally and externally.
  • Energising people: Mobilising employees to think and deliver strategy innovatively and profitably, unlocking the power of teams and humanity in a positive culture.
  • Sustaining impact: Ensuring that the organisation has the capacity to renew and adapt to deliver shared value in the short and long term.

Verónica Reyero … the modern anthropologist, exploring better human futures:

Module 5: Amplified Leadership

The best leaders amplify the potential of their teams and their business. By developing an effective leadership style, they can inspire, engage, connect and support to drive long-term direction and meet short-term goals. Leaders of the future will drive change in a way that unlocks talent and performance, constantly reinventing organisations. How will you lead yourself, your team and your business towards a better future, one that combines purpose with passion, profit and progress?

  • Great leaders: Business are obsessed with leadership, but how do leaders really add value, engage people effectively and deliver better results?
  • Authentic organizations: From corporate to personal reputations, how do you build trust and authenticity inside and outside the business?
  • Talent beacons: How to attract, engage and retain the best people in an ideas-driven world – to nurture, motivate, and inspire them to create the future.
  • High performance: Improving your personal and business wellbeing to drive high performance, physically and mentally, agile and resilient, with a winning mindset.
  • Leadership style: Why should you be the leader? What do you have that will take your company further? And why will anyone want to be led by you?

Terence Tse … AI driving the future of business:

Mia de Kuijper … Leading the Change … Explore the power nodes:

Steven MacGregor … why you need a Chief Wellbeing Officer:

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