Gamechangers Germany 2017

I’m looking for the best German companies that are shaping markets in their own vision, through big ideas, radical innovation and creative delivery. Globally we always talk about the likes of Apple and Tesla, Nespresso and Xiaomi, but who are the more local companies who are equally good at rethinking local, and global, markets. So who are the German “gamechangers” of 2017? Examples include ProSiebenSat1 Media which features in the latest Forbes Global Top 100 innovators list, or Grohe who won Brandeins Innovation Awards 2016, or award-winning start-ups like Number26 Bank. You can nominate and vote for your other brands if you think they’re even better, the final poll to be announced by Peter Fisk on 6 June at Gamechangers Germany Masterclass at GERBUS Academy in Hamburg: