Spanish Gamechangers

Who are the most disruptive innovators in Spain? In partnership with MABS Business Summit 2018, Spain’s premier business event, we’re seeking the best “Gamechangers” in today’s hyperconnected, digitally-enabled world … Vote now for who you think is “changing the game” most effectively:

Bilbao … the city brand reinvented with a little help from Guggenheim

Camper … quirky shoes inspired by the peasant farmers of Majorca

Carto … enabling you to explore the insights underlying location data

Chupa Chups … Picasso branded lollipops sold in local bakeries

Desigual … bright distinctive clothing, but with naked days

EcoAlf … fabulous fashion made from recycled plastics … Case study

eDreams … the online travel agency with a high destination

Ferrovial … managing complex projects and customer experiences

Gïk Live! … blue wine for Instagram and cocktails … Case Study

Iberdrola … the world’s leading sustainable energy business

Inditex … fast fashion in multiple brands, Mango to Zara

LA Organic … Philippe Starck helps to rejuvenate Spanish olive oil

Lolea … fabulously branded, sangria packaged for wherever you are

Loewe … luxury clothing and accessories, party of LMVH

Moritz Factory … gourmet tapas and beer at affordable prices

Privalia … online fashion outlet with flash sales for members only

Wallapop … the mobile flea market, a Craigslist for millennials