Thinkers50 European Business Forum 2019 … the best new ideas for business leaders, inspired by Asia

September 25, 2019 at Odense, Denmark (2 day event for Europe's CEOs)

The Thinkers50 European Business Forum is the premier event for business leaders in Europe, bringing them together with many of the world’s best business gurus from the leading business schools.

The world’s best ideas for business leaders” is the theme of the forum … Bringing together the best new ideas from around the world for business leaders to reinvent themselves and their organisations for a changing world.

We search the world for new ideas … from the academic powerhouses of USA, to ideas closer to home in Europe. In particular this year we focus on learning from the innovative approaches of Asian companies in the fast growth markets of China, India, South Korea and beyond.

How can you take these ideas from around the world and apply them to your business, here in Europe?

What would it take to embrace the new technologies like Artificial intelligence and robotics? The best examples are probably companies like Alibaba and Samsung. How to engage customers in new and faster ways? Take a look at the incredible stories of Jio Phone or WeChat. How to reorganise your business for smarter and more agile innovation? Be inspired by the likes of BYD or Bytedance, Uniqlo or Softbank.

The worlds best ideas for business leaders” is about finding the new ideas, and making them work for you.

Go shopping in Shanghai, and stores are unlikely to accept your cash or cards, instead expecting you to buzz their QR code with your mobile phone. Sit down in a Dalian Wanda movie theatre and you are invited to immerse yourself in the story with your VR headset. Anything you need at home in Jakarta, just click on Go-Jek, and it will deliver it in minutes. Look at the leaders like Jack Ma or Mukesh Ambani, their business philosophy and leaderships styles are more purposeful, holistic and inspiring.

This is not about “let’s go to China” … this is about bringing the best new practices from other places, to Europe’s businesses … to think different and better.

EBF19 Agenda

Here’s the fabulous line-up of speakers for this year’s forum:

Day 1, 0900 – 1030

Kjell Nordstrom Exploring the new world … His book Funky Business shook up the management world 20 years ago, now Kjell is back to reshock and reinspire your brains. It’s time for business to get funky again.

Anna and Ole RoslingExploring the new world, Factfulness Live … following in the footsteps of their late father, Hans Rosling, they challenge our assumptions and perspectives of a changing world.

Day 1, 1100 – 1230

Erin Meyer … Connecting the new world, The Culture Map Workshop … The Paris-based American professor at INSEAD is back, this time with a unique workshop for 500 business leaders. 90 minutes to roll up your sleeves and work with Erin to understand how you can better work with different cultures across Asia, and around the world.

Day 1, 1330 – 1500

Linda Yueh … Learning from new markets, economic perspective … the economist, writer and broadcaster describes an economy that has echoes of history. Here’s a clip from her latest book:

Tendayi Viki … Learning from new markets, entrepreneurial perspective … the Harvard and Stanford psychologist explores how big corporates can act like start-ups, to innovate and grow.

Christina Boutrup … Learning from new markets, technology perspective … Danish author, and an expert on the Chinese world of technology. She knows Jack Ma and Wang Jianlin better than most.

Milo Jones Learning from new markets, intelligence perspective … the American based in Poland, from Walmart to Accenture, Morgan Stanley to IE Business School, he is also closely connected to the CIA.

Day 1, 1530 – 1700

Martin Roll … Winning in the new world, from Europe to Asia … from ad agencies to collaborating with McKinsey, the Singapore-based Dane specialises in Asian brand strategies.

Irene Yuan Son … Winning in the new world, from Asia to Africa … born in China, raised in America, from McKinsey, author of The Next Factory of the World: How Chinese Investment Is Reshaping Africa

Navi Radjou … Winning in the new world, from India to America … born in India, the French-American academic is author of Frugal Innovation and is now based in Silicon Valley.

Day 1 closes with a gala dinner.

Day 2, 0900 – 1030

Jean-Francois Manzoni Rethinking leadership, leading the future … the French Canadian is President of IMD Business School where he focuses on high performance leadership and governance.

Rasmus Hougaard Rethinking leadership, leading in your mind … author of The Mind of the Leader, the Dane is based in New York City and leads the Potential Project.

Erica Dhawan Rethinking leadership, leading through connections … She runs he own business Cotential, and is author of Get Big Things Done: The Power of Connectional Intelligence.

Day 2, 1100 – 1230

Haiyan Wang … Rethinking strategies, inspired by the best ideas from China … Managing Partner of the China India Institute, and lecturer at INSEAD, based in Washington DC and an expert on Chinese business.

Anil Gupta … Rethinking strategies, inspired by the best ideas from India … The world’s leading expert on Indian business, now professor at the University of Maryland.

Day 2, 1330 – 1500

Scott Anthony … Rethinking innovation, innovating with dual impact … Winner of the Thinker50 Strategy Award 2017, Managing Partner of Innosight, American born, now based in Singapore.

Howard Yu Rethinking innovation, innovation that leaps forwards … born in Hong Kong now living in Switzerland, author of Leap, the IMD professor has been called “the new Clayton Christiansen”

Day 2, 1530 – 1700

Alex Osterwalder The European Business Lecture 2019 … the Swiss “strategyzer” is the outstanding business thinker of this decade, from Business Model Generation to The Invincible Company. This year he returns to give the EBL, a highlight of the business year in Europe, focusing on the challenge and opportunities ahead for business leaders.

How can you learn from all these thinkers?

All of the above will feature at the Thinkers50 European Business Forum, Europe’s premier event for business leaders, on 25-26 September 2019 in Odense, Denmark.

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Here’s what happened at EBF17:

Here’s what happened at EBF18:

Join me at the Thinkers50 European Business Forum, Europe’s premier event for business leaders, on 25-26 September 2019 in Odense, Denmark.

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