European Business Forum 2020

December 3, 2020 at Live Online (0830 - 1700 CET)

As the world slowly emerges from the pandemic, we focus on what it takes to compete in today’s changing world, and look forwards to how business can shape a better future, for itself and society. This year’s theme is about competing in a world of accelerating change.

  • How can you win in this changing world?
  • Why do we need to reimagine capitalism now?
  • Have you the courage to step up, to lead a better future?

Over the last three years, the European Business Forum has brought together some of the world’s best thinkers – Michael Porter to Alex Osterwalder, Erin Meyer and Roger Martin, Rita McGrath and Marshall Goldsmith – helping business leaders to explore and shape a better future together.

Tickets are available here, and students can register free. All paid attendees will receive two free books

  • Reimagining Capitalism, How Business Can Save the World by Rebecca Henderson
  • Business Recoded: Have the Courage to Create a Better Future by Peter Fisk


0900 – 1000 : Business Recoded: Have you the courage to create a better future?

Peter Fisk is professor at IE Business School, and founder of the European Business Forum. He hosts the event again this year, online. In a time of unprecedented disruption and uncertainty, how can business find a new way forwards? He introduces the big themes from his new book, “Business Recoded” (free to participants), including an interview with Jens Haugaard, CEO of Hydac A/S.

1000 – 1040 : Tech for Life: The role of technology, business and society

Lars Thinggaard is a technology entrepreneur and former CEO of Milestone Systems (part of the Canon Group). Lars is co-author of the book “Tech for Life” with Jim Hagemann Snabe, and a firm believer in the Scandinavian approach to management, where all employees are encouraged to participate in the company’s success by freely contributing their input, ideas, and opinions.

1040 – 1100 : Break

1100 – 1200 : World Competitiveness Indexand the Rise of Denmark

Arturo Bris leads the IMD World Competitiveness Center, and is author of the annual World Competitiveness Index. He explores competitiveness in a pandemic, and focuses on how Denmark has risen to become Europe’s leading nation, and #2 in the world, and what this means for the nations, business and people.

1200 – 1230 : Competing with Innovation Hubs, unlocking the power of entrepreneurs

Lone Ryg Olsen is EVP of business and innovation at Aarhus University, focused on creating more value for society through entrepreneurship. She has a background in HR and communications, was previously CEO of the Danish Food Cluster, and is now a member of various company boards. She will focus on the power of collaboration to enable small business to succeed in a changing world.

1230 – 1330 : Lunch

1330 – 1400 : Competing with Talent and Knowledge, unlocking the potential of technology

Rasmus Larsen is the Provost of the Danish Technical University. DTU was recently ranked as #2 technology university in the world for research by WURR. Rasmus will talk about the role of talent and knowledge, and how DTU became an international world-leading technical university including DTU´s established strategy of collaboration with businesses, through initiatives like DTU Skylab.

1400 – 1500 : Reimagining Capitalism, How Business Can Save the World 

Rebecca Henderson is professor at Harvard University. Her new book “Reimagining Capitalism” (free to participants) is shortlisted for the FT/McKinsey Business Book of the Year. It explores what it will take to build a just and sustainable capitalism.  She will present a wake-up call for saving capitalism from itself, saying business can change the world and you can be part of that.

1500 – 1520 : Break

1520 – 1620 : How can your business seize the new opportunities of a changing world?

Leadership panel includes Ida Bratting Kongsted, CEO of Danish Management Society (VL) and board member in healthcare and technology; Jens Haugaard, an engineer and CEO of the technology business Hydac A/S; Mikael Trolle, former CEO of the Danish Volleyball Federation, and now CEO of the Dreams and Details Academy. 

 1620 – 1630 : How the European Business Forum can help you?

Bjarke Wolmar, CEO of the European Business Forum, gives a quick update on the new services being launched with the goal to inspire European business leaders to create a better future, with more positive impact on the world. New services include a range of education programs, bringing together faculty from the world’s leading business schools.

1630 – 1645 : Look forwards, not back

 Peter Fisk reviews the day, and summaries the key messages and concepts to apply to your business, as you work through crisis, and build for a better future. This includes “the survive and thrive” matrix, a practical tool to move forwards, to have the courage and confidence to reimagine your future, that delivers more positive impact, starting right now.

Tickets are available here, and students can register free. All paid attendees will receive two free books

  • Reimagining Capitalism, How Business Can Save the World by Rebecca Henderson
  • Business Recoded: Have the Courage to Create a Better Future by Peter Fisk

This year’s European Business Forum is made possible with the generous support of

  • IDA … the Danish association of engineers, and a thought leader in technology for business
  • Hydac … the German-based technology company are specialists in hydraulic machinery
  • Nordea … the Finland-based financial services company serving business and individuals
  • IMD … the Swiss-based business school that focuses on world leading executive education

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