Fast Leader Live: Finding your Purpose

April 14, 2020 at Online Seminar (at 1700 UK Time)

Fast Leader Live is a free series of weekly online seminars by global thought leader Peter Fisk, to keep you inspired, energised and innovative during these crazy days of global lockdown, health emergency, and economic chaos.

This week’s topic: Finding your higher purpose to survive and thrive in these crazy times.

  • 57% of the world’s largest companies – including Apple and Disney, GE and MTV – were founded in a downturn, seizing the opportunity of rapidly changing markets, new consumer attitudes and behaviours, to establish new approaches to business
  • An inspiring purpose becomes your guide through the chaos and uncertainty of turbulent times, your North Star to guide you in markets where you could do anything, to give your people inspiration and focus, and a cause worth fighting for.
  • Why does your business exist? IKEA wants to create a better everyday life. Tesla seeks to accelerate the world’s transition to sustainable energy. Dove helps women to realise their potential. Swarovski adds sparkle to everyday lives.
  • Purposeful companies outperform others by 42%. They are more ambitious, faster and more agile, more trusted, attract talent, increase loyalty, and attract investment. 79% of business leaders say purpose matters, 68% don’t have one or don’t use it.
  • Creating an inspiring purpose is just the start. Find out how to turn it into meaningful concepts and profitable strategies, how to use it to inspire and energise your investors, employees and customers, and how to make smarter decisions for future growth.

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