The 21st Century Business Leader

February 4, 2019 at Copenhagen, Denmark (date to be confirmed)

The high-energy one day workshop for business leaders explores leadership in the context of today’s fast-changing world, and the relentless barrage of new challenges and opportunities that it brings.

It is inspiring, about the incredible opportunities for business to grow and innovate in new ways … and also challenging, in the sense understanding why and how leaders need to act differently.

Above all it is about sensemaking – understanding and interpreting this new context and the implications for business, organisations and leadership – and deciding what will you to create a better future, for you and your business.

0900 – 1030 : New Power

  • World Changing – exploring the power shifts and trends, economical and political, social and cultural
  • Disruptive Technologies – capturing the potential of AI and robotics, digital networks and big data
  • Business Priorities – recognising a changing role for business in society, for customers and our worlds
  • Future Radar – participants align their potential and priorities for growth, to map out their own radar map

1100 – 1230 : New Winners

  • Future Business – Aerofarms to Airbnb, Alibaba to Amazon, how the new generation of business works and wins
  • Disruptive Innovators – learning from the world’s 100 most inspiring companies, across markets and sectors
  • Team work to explore the distinctive ideas and success models, to generate a DNA of 21st century business
  • Thinking Different – more insightful and innovative, creative and collaborative, agile and exponential

1330 – 1500 : New Mindsets

  • FT journalist perspectives on the new challenges and opportunities for business across sectors and markets
  • Focused discussion around three big themes – new markets, new technologies, new organisations
  • Team work in considers the implications of each, build a large “smorgasbord” of challenges and opportunities
  • FT journalists critique and shape the outputs into a prioritised “future agenda” for leaders

1530 – 1700 : New Leaders

  • Ma and Musk – exploring leadership in action, building on the “fixed v growth” mindset paradigm
  • Leadership Traits – the five essentials of 21st century leaders, and the different popular models
  • Emotional Agility – taking the best neuroscience to be able to survive and thrive amidst relentless change
  • Leading your Future – Finding your own path, guided by 4 words – Ikigai and Ubuntu, Goya and Sisu