Online Business Summit … “We Won’t Stop Talking”

April 15, 2020 at Online (1400-1700 UK Time)

In challenging times, be challenged by great ideas and new thinking 

Join us for an incredible 3 hour virtual business summit, bringing together some of the world’s top business thinkers exploring the challenges and opportunities for business in a world of crisis and change. Organised by Speaker Associates, the world’s premier speaker network, and moderated by Edie Lush of Global GoalsCast, the line-up includes:

How to survive and thrive in crazy times

The best companies of tomorrow are being created right now. Now is the time for business leaders to step up, to have the courage to look ahead, with more purpose and passion, to create a better business for the future.

57% of today’s largest companies were created in a downturn. A crisis accelerates change, it disrupts the old codes of business, it forges new ideas and loyalties. Consumer priorities change and new behaviours emerge. Now is not just the time to survive, but to thrive. As Intel’s Andy Grove said “Bad companies are destroyed by crisis, good companies survive them, great companies are improved by them.”

Now is the time to recode your business – to refocus your people on a more inspiring purpose, to reimagine how value is created and shared, to reinvent your market as well as your business. The top quartile performers in a downturn typically outperform their markets 3 times more than in normal times. Now is not the time to be average, now is the time to be extraordinary.


Peter Fisk is an inspiring business thinker, author and speaker, whose career was forged in a superconductivity lab, accelerated by supersonic travel, evolved in a digital start-up, and formalised as CEO of the world’s largest marketing network. His 8 books in 35 languages fuse the brains of Einstein and Picasso, explore the world’s most innovative companies, and include the new “Business Recoded”.

He now leads GeniusWorks, an innovation accelerator based in London, working with business leaders from Adidas to Aeroflot, Cartier and Coca Cola, McKinsey to Microsoft, P&G and Pfizer. He is Thinkers50 Global Director, and founder of the European Business Forum, and a professor of leadership, strategy and innovation at IE Business School in Madrid, where he leads their flagship executive programs.

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