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Macquarie is a diversified financial group providing clients with asset management and finance, banking, advisory and risk and capital solutions across debt, equity and commodities. The diversity of our operations, combined with a strong capital position and robust risk management framework, has contributed to our 49-year record of unbroken profitability.

On 10 December 1969, Macquarie’s predecessor organisation, Hill Samuel Australia, opened its doors with three staff and an ambition to provide advisory and investment banking services of an international standard to the Australian market.

Now we are a global business operating in over 25 countries and with specialist expertise in areas such as resources, agriculture and commodities, energy and infrastructure, with a particular knowledge of the Asia-Pacific region.

Since its inception, Macquarie has differentiated itself by focusing on new opportunities, both in product and geography, progressively building expertise in these disciplines and expanding into adjacent areas.

Banks in Australia are taking the lead in terms of innovative banking, with Sydney-headquartered Macquarie Bank being the fastest among them. This was best exemplified in September 2017, when Macquarie Bank became the first bank in Australia to launch an open banking platform that leverages application programming interface (API) technology. Through API, the platform can connect securely with fintech start-ups and apps; this in turn allows customers to share their data (should they wish) so they can utilise third-party products and services. According to the bank, its open banking platform brings greater choice to customers. The platform was developed as a result of customers requesting to connect their information with their favourite accounting and budgeting apps and software, among other useful services.

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