Be the Gamechanger. The leader of innovation and future growth.

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Peter Fisk delivers inspiring keynote speeches on “Gamechangers”. These might be on the overall concept, or any particular theme/audience, for example

  • Be the Gamechanger
  • Winning in today’s fast-changing markets
  • Creating innovative strategies for business
  • Building more inspiring brands
  • Clever marketing that engages people deeper
  • Leadership in the 21st Century Business

and can be customised to any particular sector or country/region, for example

  • The future of banking … building a bank people love
  • The future of healthcare … the new world of patient wellbeing
  • The future of retail … winning in a multi-channel world
  • The future of travel … the rise of Asia, and the new age traveller
  • Gamechangers Asia … from Alibaba to Xiaomi, how to win in emerging markets
  • Gamechangers Middle East … developing Arabic innovators for Expo 2020

Gamechangers is about rethinking markets and business, and about learning from the world’s most innovative companies right now – 100 live case studies, if you like, shaking up your markets right now. The format can be anything from 45-90 min keynote, to 4-8 hour masterclass, stretching but practical, high energy and participation.

Here is an example agenda:

0900 – 1030 … Kaleidoscope World … Making sense of fast changing markets to find the best new opportunities locally and globally.

Key concepts

  • Change drivers, global trends and new opportunities
  • Exploring the new customer expectations and aspirations
  • Thinking bigger, thinking different, 10 times not 10%
  • Emerging markets, powerful millenials, and new women
  • Winning in an ideas economy – outthinking your competition
  • So how could you change the world? Exploring the 10 themes

New insights

  • Aeromobil – the flying car from a little town in Slovakia
  • Li and Fung – the Hong Kong business that can do anything
  • Google X – driverless cars and free wifi from the Moonshot Factory
  • 23andMe – DNA profiling for $99 changes the future of healthcare
  • Zespri – redefining your market in your own vision, words and rules
  • Corning – industrial manufacturing is about people and emotions too

1100 – 1230 … Distruptive Innovators … Learning from the next generation of business and brands, to drive innovation and growth

Key concepts

  • The world’s 100 most disruptive businesses and brands
  • The future of banking, technolodgy, retail, healthcare and more
  • Why fast speedboats will beat the big supertankers
  • Being digital and physical, to create reach and richness
  • Designing new business models, including 36 new templates
  • Driving innovation, that disrupts and transforms markets

New insights

  • Airbnb – the sharing economy beats the old economy
  • Juan Valdez – better than Starbucks with local authenticity
  • Nespresso – the power and profitability of new business models
  • Tesla – harnessing technology to make life better
  • Umpqua Bank – learning from anywhere but your competitors
  • Xiaomi – from start-up to global superstar in three years

1230 – 1330 … Lunch … with Gamechanger food!

1330 – 1500 … Winning Strategies … Creating innovative strategies to outthink the competition and shape markets in your own vision

Key concepts

  • Building brands that are inspiring, collaborative and enabling
  • Combining big data with big ideas to focus and engage people
  • Telling stories, through liquid and linked content that keeps moving
  • Real time marketing, that is fast and personal, real and believable
  • Creating richer customer experiences, about customers not products
  • Building communities that connect and mobilise people

New insights

  • GE – connecting the ideas of B2C to B2B businesses
  • Jonny Cupcakes – turning t-shirts into a richer experience
  • Nike+ – its not about the shoes, its how fast you can run
  • Periscope – inspired by revolution, how new ideas go viral
  • Rapha – building clubs and communities around people and passion
  • Threadless – being a little crazy, and more loved, in a changing world

1530 – 1700 … Be the Gamechanger … how you can drive innovation, change and growth … how will your change your game?

Key concepts

  • Where to start – where you’re a big company or small company
  • Building your momentum – finding ways to accelerate growth
  • What leaders do – the new role and rules for effective leadership
  • Changing your brain, to change your game
  • Getting started with the Gamechangers Toolkit
  • Being bold, brave and brilliant
  • Q&A

After the masterclass:

Gamechangers Awards … cocktail party recognizing the winning local disruptive innovators, who will each be presented on stage, and then feature worldwide in the Gamechangers showcase, and be finalists in the worldwide competition.