Keynotes and workshops

“Gamechangers” comes to life through a range of live events – from inspiring keynote speeches to practical workshops, in-depth executive programs and practical projects in your own business. The topic uniquely brings together the best new ideas for business leaders to shape the future through strategy and innovation, brands and marketing. It is built on the insights of the most innovative companies right now … how they are shaping every market, why they are doing what they do, and how you can learn from them in realtime.  It creates a live, topical and provocative, way in which you and your colleagues can make sense of today’s world, and develop your own ideas to change your world.

Gamechanger keynotes and workshops  … shaping the future in your own vision, rather than living in the shadow of others. It is about becoming a 21st century business, and the practical steps to deliver your future today:

Gamechanger keynotes and workshops on innovative strategy … making sense of changing markets and finding your space for future growth, then developing strategies to outthink the competition, and shape your future:

Gamechanger keynotes and workshops on branding … developing more inspired brands about making life better, propositions and experiences that enable customers to achieve more:

Gamechanger keynotes and workshops on marketing … on the changing nature of customer-centric, social and realtime marketing, that combines big data analytics, creativity and collaboration, to drive the business forwards:

Gamechanger keynotes and workshops on leadership … on the role of leaders in driving innovation and growth in these new markets, to build a business fit for the future, and to amplify the potential of their people:

Gamechanger keynotes and workshops on implementation … on making the best new ideas happen in today’s markets, combining design thinking and new business models, lead applications and social marketing:

Gamechanger keynotes and workshops … inspired by the world’s most disruptive innovators. The best form of learning is through stories, and real-life examples … “case studies” that are happening across the world right now: