Future Lab

creative workshopFuture Lab is the place to create a better vision and strategy for future growth.

The future is no longer an extrapolation of the past, it is volatile and unpredictable. Growth is no longer steady or assured. It requires no focus, and can be exponential. This requires new strategic thinking:

  • Vision Canvas … how to define a better future
  • Growth Canvas … how to find the best opportunities
  • Disruption Canvas … how to change the game
  • Strategy Canvas … how to choose your priorities

Start with the vision canvas, to explore the drivers of change and what you would love to achieve in this world, and then focus on the best opportunities to make that happen in a way that is distinctive, profitable and practical:


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More inspiration … to create a better future

“Moonshots” are the big ideas that can change the world. As explained by Astra Teller, director of Google X’s Moonshot Factory, it is about solving big problems, and looking to do “10 times not 10% better”:

Today’s markets are like a “kaleidoscope” – dynamic and unpredictable. Making sense of markets, finding your space in them, and developing your own direction, requires new thinking. Kaleidoscope thinking:

Networks are the most powerful force in today’s markets – digital networks, business ecosystems, social networks, customer communities, employee teams – and as Airbnb and Uber demonstrate, they have exponential impact.

“Disruptive innovation” was a phrased originally developed by Prof. Clayton Christensen in his book An Innovator’s Dilemma about how an apparently simple solution might outclass a technically better solution: