Brands are about making life better, and enabling people to achieve more

I love Nike.

Not the company, but the idea. It’s not about the founder Bill Bowerman and the story of his waffle iron, much more about the adrenalin and inspiraton that I felt tingling down my spine on the night when Steve Cram broke 3 minutes 30 for 1500m in Nice. I’ve worn Nike shoes and clothing for 35 years, and never considered any other brand. Products have come and gone, trends and technologies. It’s not about technical quality or superficial image, it’s about the confidence and confirmation that I get from wearing the iconic “swoosh”. It’s about me, and how I feel.

Brands have come a long way. From their origins in the “brandt” of a farmer’s mark on his cattle, to the reassuring symbol of ownership, and even premium value. But today, everything is a brand. So the best ones need to be more. They are a reflection of customers, uniquely shared value, and potentially your most valuable business asset.

Slide06Brands capture an irresistible idea, compelling and intuitive, engaging and inspiring people in ways that companies and products cannot. They build platforms and connections through which customers and business can achieve more. A great brand captivates people emotionally and irrationally, about them and what they want to achieve, and ultimately to make life better. Brands are also your bridge to new products, categories and markets, to sustaining and growing your business in a world of relentless change.

Coca Cola is about happiness, not just refreshment. Nike is about your best performance, not just shoes and clothing. BMW is about the joy of driving, not just the driving machine. Swarovksi brings a little sparkle to every day.

Peter Fisk helps you to build, redefine or grow your brand in a more inspiring and innovative way. Finding a better purpose, a clearly defined audience, new opportunities to extend and grow in existing and adjacent markets, new business models including licensing and franchising, based on deep insight into the ever-changing needs of your target customers, and to what drives most value creation.

Examples of recent branding projects include:

  • Aeroflot: Brand strategy and valuation for Russia’s national flag carrier, exploring future scenarios for the brand and how it is positioned and communicated in the global travel market.
  • Davidoff: New brand strategy, and product concepts for classic brand. Building a new narrative around the future customer, replacing tired imagery with new insights and ideas.
  • ISKO: How to become the world’s top ingredient brand in denim, turning a b2b supplier, into a consumer-centric fashion label, that adds value to the most prestigious jeans brands.
  • Philosophy: New brand strategy for global growth of cosmetics brand, from “Hope in a Jar” to new markets of Singapore and South Korea, through believing in more.
  • Tata Steel: Rebranding and communication of leading steel company, developing an added value blueprint to go beyond the low-priced commodity business into customer solutions.

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