Gamechangers book cover“Thorough and smart, Gamechangers doesn’t just identify the trends shaping our business future, it offers us a roadmap for how to get there.”

Greg Williams, Editor of Wired Magazine 

In Gamechangers, Peter Fisk gives us an expansive guide to today’s magic makers, and the methods and maps for getting there yourself. This book will change your world and help you become a creative leader. Read and win!”

Kevin Roberts, Worldwide CEO, Saatchi & Saatchi

“Gamechangers sets a new record for brilliant ideas per page. If you can’t find inspiration from the brilliant strategies of 100 gamechanging companies, you might want to consider another line of work.”

Ken Segall, author of “Insanely Simple” and personal marketing advisor to Steve Jobs 

“You will never look at brand building the same again. Gamechangers explodes with refreshing strategies and ideas to take your brand to the next level!”

Paulo Miguel Periera da Silva, CEO of Renova

“Gamechangers is a book of our times. And your future. It describes a blueprint for the 21st century business, and how to make it happen. Exceptional!”

Tom Peters, author “In Search of Excellence” and much more 

“Gamechangers create the future with vision and innovation. In 1940 Henry Ford said that one day somebody would combine a car and aeroplane. At Aeromobil we made that happen.  You too can be a “gamechanger” with Peter’s excellent guide to disruptive innovation”

Stefan Klein and Juraj Vaculik, Co-Founders of AeroMobil

“Peter is the Einstein of marketing and has just solved the elusive theory of business success.   This book is like a magical lens that will allow you to see a world in business in which you can always win.  You will think differently, see links that you never saw before and play the ‘game’ knowing you cannot lose.  Peter goes one step further by proving how ordinary people have created extraordinary businesses – it is impossible to imagine business success without this book.”

Mark Pitt, CEO, Virgin Australia New Zealand

“At Thinkers 50 we aim to identify the best business thinkers. We have featured Peter Fisk because his work consistently challenges the status quo. He seeks out best practice wherever it may be and shares it with the world. Gamechangers is far-ranging and important.  It delivers on its promise.”

Stuart Crainer & Des Dearlove, founder of Thinkers 50

“Peter Fisk is one of the great marketing polymaths of our age. From nuclear physicist to creative guru Peter is unique in his ability to blend left and right brain thinking and to inspire both creative and commercial stakeholders. Gamechangers is the latest brilliant episode in his crusade to transform the way marketing creates sustainable business and brand value. A tour de force and a must for every self respecting CEO”

David Haigh, Founder and CEO of Brand Finance plc

“Peter is able to succinctly capture the key dynamics in this fast changing world of business and brands, and challenging ones own strategic imperatives. Through insights drawn from global brands, he is able to inspire you to adopt different ways of thinking and working, with highly relevant applications for those of us operating in Asia.”

Ajit Gunewardene, Deputy chairman, John Keells Holdings Plc

“Gamechangers is an in-depth view of how the commercial world is viewed by the most innovative businesses, and how they make the difference.”

Stuart Brooke, Founder and Managing Director, ashmei

“This book provides fascinating insights into leading businesses that are shaping their markets in their own vision and driving innovation and growth.”

Lain Jäger, CEO of Zespri International (New Zealand)

“Gamechangers are the businesses who make sense of our fast changing world, and drive innovation in everything they do, in order to be winners today and tomorrow. In India, there is more opportunity than ever to innovate and grow. Every Indian business needs to be a gamechanger!”

Manish Sharma, Managing Director, Panasonic India & South Asia

“Captures provocative lessons from an enormous range of recent innovations, spanning many different categories and countries. The result is a highly stimulating toolkit that challenges marketers to see things and do things very differently.”

Andy Bird, Co-Founder of Brand Learning

“Steve Jobs once said you need to be 10x better than your competitors. What’s your strategy to get there? Start with Gamechangers … and get inside the thinking of 100 of the world’s most amazing companies”

Ken Segall, author of “Insanely Simple: The Obsession That Drives Apple’s Success”

“Fisk succeeds in providing an entertaining, lucid and innovative analysis of disruptive companies that are transforming the landscape of all global industries. Highly recommendable for those entrepreneurs aiming at changing the rules of the business game as well as for managers whose mature businesses are threatened by new entrants.”

Santiago Iniguez, Dean of IE Business School, Madrid

“Unlike any business book you’ve ever read, celebrated brand guru Peter Fisk asks you “are you ready to play the game?” Fisk argues that “the best business go to where the future is, then he takes you on a kaleidoscopic tour of that very future, opening-up a multitude of new horizons. In a world limited ” only by your imagination”, Gamechangers invites you to stretch your own imagination, so as to advance in the competition for new ideas. Warning: while you are reading this, others are changing your game!”

Prof. Bill Fischer, Professor of Innovation Management, IMD, Lausanne. Former President and Dean, China-Europe International Business School (CEIBS), Shanghai

“Peter Fisk fires up a mosaic of thinking beyond business through these brilliantly enunciated century of stories. Gamechangers is sheer intellectual capital that everyone needs to dig, grow, store, sell and share to make this world an interesting place not just for doing business but for all of us to live”

S. Subramanyeswar, National Planning Director, Lowe Lintas India

“Peter has captured in Gamechangers the essence of the future direction in business. A book to be included in all business libraries.”

Labeed S. Hamid, President, Middle East Management Centre (Dubai)

“Once again Peter has written a stunning book. No blind theories or wild thinking, just clear and game-changing insights based on profound research. 350 pages of the most inspiring material for any marketer or business manager. Countless cases from all over the world in many different sectors make eye-opening reading for anyone wanting to grow their business and be successful. A book that will be ‘current’ for at least the next ten years. I’m sure that most gamechangers of the coming decade will have read this book.”

Ward Vandorpe, Managing Director Expert Marketer Magazine

“If you’ve ever wondered how some people manage to totally re-invent a sector or introduce a brand-new business that no-one really knew was needed until it was there, then Peter’s new book not only explains how they come about, but it actually gives you a framework on how you could do it – fantastic! As usual, Peter has researched the topic thoroughly, and gives you some great examples. If you’re curious about what the future could be, and would also like to be one of those that create it, then this book is for you.”

Steve Gilroy, CEO of Vistage International

“We met Peter a year ago during our perpetual trip around the world. We were traveling from east to west. He was traveling in the opposite direction. We were meeting brands with a purpose and sharing their stories to inspire other people. Peter was meeting brands that do things different, companies that were changing the game. He was observing, looking for a pattern… and creating a method to teach other companies to do the same. He asked us during that meeting: “Are you ready to change the world?” Now that we’ve read the manuscript… we can’t wait to apply the method to our business.”

Anouk Pappers and Maarten Schäfer, co-founders of CoolBrands

“This is the most original and practical book. Any marketer who skips this book‎ is missing a huge opportunity to get “genius” ideas from the father of 21st century business thinking”

Handi Irawan D, CEO of Frontier Consulting Group (Indonesia)

“In a very grey world, finally, how to change the game, in a great framework that is insightful, colorful, simple, and easy to put into practice. A must read for any ambitious executive”

Tanyer Sonmezer, CEO, Management Centre Turkey

“Alibaba, Airbnb, Amazon; Gamechangers all and we are only on the ‘A’s. Peter Fisk’s book is a veritable alphabet of brands that are changing the world as we know it. Richard Branson, the consumate Gamechanger, has just been rated as the most admired UK leader over the last 50 years because he transforms markets and challenges conventional thinking but who are the emerging ‘Virgin’s’ in retail, fashion and banking? This book gives you the skinny on them all and most importantly shares a framework that you can apply to your own business. There are a lot of business authors, some are very good but in my book, Peter is one of the very few who really changes our understanding of business rather than simply observing it”

Shaun Smith, co-author of “Bold: How to be brave in business and win”

‘This is a truly prodigious book. Peter Fisk is experienced, urbane and creative, all the attributes one would expect from a top marketer. The case histories in this book are inspirational and Peter’s writing style is engaging and very much to the point. This book deserves a special place in the substantial library of books on marketing.’

Prof. Malcolm McDonald, Cranfield School of Management

‘Customers, brands and marketing should sit at the heart of every business’s strategy and performance today. Peter Fisk explains why this matters more than ever, and how to achieve it for business and personal success.’

Prof. John Quelch, Professor of Business Administration at Harvard Business School

“Peter makes you see the world, and your business in a new way … I really like what he has to say, and the help he has given us … Enjoy every minute of it”

Mariano Dima, Senior VP Marketing and Products, Visa Europe


Additional quotes

Thanks to Peter we now have a different view of our world. We have learnt to see our business from the outside in … like customers do … and with many more opportunities too”

Erdal Karamcan, Group CEO, Eczacibasi Holding, Turkey

“With Peter’s inspiration and expert guidance, we have been able to develop a fantastic new set of propositions, solutions and experiences for our customers”

Darius Maikstena, VP Marketing, Teliasonera (and Omnitel), Lithuania

Peter has been a fantastic leader of our project to develop a new vision and strategy for our brand and products. He has given us clear direction, and we now need to make it happen”

Mehmet Aktas, CEO Yasar Holding (and Pinar brand), Turkey

“Peter was excellent – insightful, inspiring and incredibly energetic. He made our Hershey conference very special”

Peter Smit, VP International Markets, The Hersheys Company, USA

“This has been an incredible day. I know Peter has made everyone of us think differently, and inspired us to start creating our future now”

Cindy Roll, VP Marketing, GSK Canada

“Peter’s insights into the future of brands and marketing are incredible. As is everything about his seminar today – the presentation, the interaction, the music, and the energy”

Svetlana Omelchenko, Head of Marketing Insights, Coty

“A glimpse of an exciting new world, where people and technology come together in new ways, and where there are threats and opportunities for all of us”

Ann Rodven, Event Director, Visit Oslo, Norway

“That was awesome. Peter engaged the audience with fantastic energy and content. He challenged our thinking, focused on our biggest issues, and left us inspired” 

Jeff Busch, VP Strategic Communications, Meeting Professionals International (MPI)

“Peter’s keynote was of his usual high standard and very interesting, but most of all his charisma undoubtedly contributed to the success of our event”

Bernadette Lobjois, Secretary General, The European Lotteries Federation

“Peter was inspirational. He combined deep insight into our changing world, with practical and innovative ideas for application”

Darren Marshall, Senior VP, Asia Pacific, The Coca Cola Company, Singapore

“Peter provided a very inspiring and informative view of the challenge for GSK to achieve marketing excellence, and a great start to our new marketing community”

Mark Russell, Head of Marketing Community, GSK

“I am now inspired to use my left and right brain more actively together. I loved learning about Einstein and Picasso, and how they would address today’s business challenges”

Johan Svedberg, Head of Brand Development, Ericsson, Sweden

“This was superb. The content was not just game changing, but vision changing”     

Aziz Gilitwala, MD of Dadabhai Travel, Bahrain