Brand Innovation Lab

Inspiring Brands + Smart Marketing + Personal Experiences

12 steps to accelerate growth inspired by the world’s most innovative brands

What can you learn from Airbnb to Burberry, RedBull and Tesla to innovate your own brand’s future? This is not a normal workshop, with all the usual models and case studies about Levi 501s from decades ago. This is about what is happening in the world right now, with the best brands, and how you can practically apply the best ideas to your own business, for real impact.

The Brand Innovation Lab is for marketing leaders to rethink their brands and marketing in fast-changing environments. Learning from the best ideas of the world’s leading brands – developing new insights and ideas to rethink, refocus and reenergise your brand in today’s markets.

Fast and fresh, stretching and practical … the workshop will be is about new insights and ideas from the best brands of today – learning how they are shaking up markets and expectations right now. Brand and innovation expert Peter Fisk facilitates the high-energy, high-participation learning experience, developing a practical roadmap for the future of your own brand.

Part 1: Dare to Dream: Brands with purpose and ambition, shaping markets in your own vision.

  • Step 1: Disruptive vision … The Tesla Way
  • Step 2: Obsessive focus … The Apple Way
  • Step 3: Deeper insight … The Airbnb Way
  • Step 4: Iconic meaning … The Red Bull Way

Part 2: Innovate and Inspire: Brands harnessing tech and humanity to innovate business models and experiences.

  • Step 5: Parallel worlds … The Umpqua Way
  • Step 6: Experiential design … The Burberry Way
  • Step 7: Crowd participation… The Threadless Way
  • Step 8: Building communities … The Nike Way

Part 3: Engage and Enable … Brands engaging people in the best stories, and delivering experiences that do more.

  • Step 9: Creative storytelling … The Mercedes Benz Way
  • Step 10: Liquid content … The Coca Cola Way
  • Step 11: Empathetic delivery … The Starbucks Way
  • Step 12: Fast growth … The Rapha Way

Each case study progresses through the 12 steps of brand innovation, with specific inspiration from one leading brand and its most recent innovations. These insights are fresh and real-time, making sense of what is happening right now, rather than the old case studies which you have heard before. It is then about applying their best ideas to our own brands, through appropriate tools and templates. Together, over the 12 sessions, we build a practical, relevant and new roadmap for your brand and its future. This is a shortened version of the 3 day executive development program by Peter Fisk which is available to companies. There are also a range of other development programs and consulting solutions for leadership, business strategy, innovation and marketing.

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