Coca Cola: Brand value through content excellence

Coke’s challenge

Facing profound changes in the way consumers access and share information, The Coca-Cola Company recognised that the effectiveness and relevance of traditional creative media are fast diminishing. Coca-Cola designed a content-based marketing strategy to drive consumer conversations, inspire purchases, and enhance brand value.

Content excellence 

Storytelling is a powerful tool to use within a company, just like it is for your target audience. It is all too frequently overlooked by companies. Businesses need to use persuasive storytelling to create cultural change, which can galvanize a new strategy and align companywide stakeholders.

When creating a new strategy, collective inputs are important to ensure cross-functional perspectives are incorporated. That said, it is crucial that the nal output has one primary author and voice. This ensures the narrative of the strategy has a consistent tone and ow, which invariably strengthens the message and enhances receptivity.

Liquid and Linked

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