Future 100 Ideas for 2019 … by JWT

After a rollercoaster year of political, environmental and economic change, business and consumers are taking a deep breath.

Brands are assuming a more meaningful role in consumers’ lives, says marketing group JWT … becoming civic leaders, advocates, even therapists, driving dialogue change and stepping in to solve world problems.

Consumer appetite for wellbeing, stress management and health is prompting a continued evolution of new products and services to help soothe unstable, constantly connected lifestyles.

Against this backdrop of empowerment and wellness, technology’s reach is being re-examined, making way for an increased focus on ethics and privacy.

JWT’s Innovation Group has just launched its Future 100 2019, an annual snapshot of the year ahead built around some of the most compelling trends to keep on the radar.

The report charts 10 emerging trends across 10 sectors, spanning culture, technology, travel, marketing, food & drink, beauty, retail, luxury, health, and lifestyle.

Download the file for Future 100 Ideas for 2019 … by JWT