XT … Future 100 Trends for 2018

JWT’s Future 100 looks ahead to a 2018 full of yet more transformational change and new opportunities for consumers and the brands they buy.

“The future is happening faster than ever, thanks to the rapid pace of tech innovation and digital culture. The rapid pace of tech innovation and digital culture are creating seismic changes in the way we work and live. And consumers are more demanding of brands than ever, seeking novel experiences and self-improvement in all aspects of life.”

2018 looks set to be the year in which 5G and augmented reality (AR) drive massive change in our interactions with the internet—we’ll be able to shop from our cars and visualise furniture in our home before deciding to buy it. And, rather than being described as “the future” at tech conferences, this will happen en masse. Brands and marketing are navigating an increasingly sophisticated consumer landscape where they are assessed on the nuances of their visual language, the diversity of their representation, 360-degree ethics and complete transparency.

Finally, and rather excitingly, we are moving further into a post-hipster world—or at least, into that world’s grown-up iteration. In 2017 we charted the Xennials, the 30-45-year-old microgeneration caught between the core millennial and generation X groups. Travel, food, drink, beauty and tech brands need to come to grips with this group’s expectations, as its net worth is set to more than double over the next 10 years.

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